Hearing Care

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We are excited to announce that we now offer Rawlings Hearing Care at our branches.

As well as free hearing tests for adults and supply of hearing devices and custom ear plugs, we offer wax removal for adults and children aged 5 and over. We are independent hearing specialists, so we can select the optimum solution for you from all the best brands with a pair of hearing aids starting from just £1995.

We aim to provide the same level of personal service and aftercare as you have come to expect with our eyecare, with repairs and replacement of filters being offered as well. Most of our hearing devices are rechargeable to avoid you having to replace batteries, but if you do choose a non-rechargeable model it will come with 2 years worth of batteries.

Our hearing devices all come with a 5 year guarantee for peace of mind, and at your yearly check up can be adjusted to optimise the sound. Some models even come with a smartphone app so that you can change the sound levels simply from your phone!

Ears need a check-up too

Just like you come to us every 1-2 years to have your eyes tested, we recommend you get your hearing checked every 3-5 years. When it comes to hearing loss, earlier detection leads to better outcomes. If you wear a hearing device, yearly checks are recommended. Please note that children’s hearing tests need to be arranged through their GP.

We offer:

  • Wax Removal for adults and children aged 5+
  • Hearing devices – rechargeable and smartphone app linked available
  • Custom made ear plugs

Did you know 1 in 6 of the population are living with hearing loss?

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Truly Independent

Rawlings are a truly independent business, as a result we are offer a full range of the leading hearing aid brands such as Widex, Phonak and Signia.