Newsletter – Autumn/Winter 2018

  • Science has shown that vitamins, minerals and micronutrients such as pigments and fatty acids all play a vital role in supporting your eye health.

    Thanks to our wartime anecdotes, everyone thinks that carrots are the best vegetables for seeing in the dark, but they are not the best brightly coloured vegetable for helping your eyes. Today we know that the real superfood is kale which contains far more of the valuable pigments lutein and zeaxanthin than carrots. These pigments are especially important in supporting macular health and high levels of this are found in chard, collard greens, watercress, maize and orange peppers as well. They are also found in brightly coloured fruits & berries, and eggs are also a valuable source of lutein. Carrots do have other benefits – they are a great source of Vitamin A although Vitamin A deficiency (which can cause dry eyes & night blindness) is uncommon in the UK and other developed countries.

    Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation can help dry eyes, as it is not possible to eat enough oily fish to get the high dosages needed. It is the DHA and EPA found in Omega 3, which is important and not all Omega 3 supplements have high potency of these two fatty acids – so it is vital to read the labels of supplements carefully to ensure you are taking a useful dosage of up to 2000mg of EPA & DHA per day.

    You may have heard that red wine is good for the eyes due to a compound called Resveratrol – found in red grapes and red wine. It has potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but the quantity of wine needed to see the beneficial effect would be outweighed by the negative effects of drinking so much red wine! However it is available in tablet form along with other micronutrients in Macula Retina supplements.

    In summary – we all know we should be eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and oily fish but for some people this just isn’t possible in which case it is worth investing in supplements to boost the intake of these micronutrients.

    If you would like to find out more or book an appointment contact your local branch or click here to request an appointment or call-back online.

  • Do you really like to stand out from the crowd and like your glasses to make a statement? If so, you need to look at some of our new quirky collections.

    As an independent Optician, we take exceptional care in selecting our collections of frames. We believe we offer fabulous eyewear for all generations from timeless classics to fun, innovative and colourful styles.

    We love the Kirk & Kirk collection not only for their bold and funky colours but also for their distinctive shapes and decorative details. You can see some of their designs by watching The Great British Bakeoff - Prue Leith loves them so much that she has several pairs.

    Unusual, bold and French, the Face a Face collection has a real character drawing its inspiration from the sources of Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design.

    Kate Spade New York frames are as lovely as they are fun. Polka dot prints, a wide palette of colours, and her signature spade icon graces many of her feminine options.

    Vintage enthusiasts will love the elegant and streamlined design of the new collection from Maris Morel 1880 featuring panto and round shapes, as well as the oval design, which has made a big comeback!

    Of course our list would not be complete without the very British brand William Morris. Their superb original designs continually evolve, offering vibrant colours and great styling.

    We have many more unusual or unique designs in our branches so come in and try some on. There is always somebody on hand to help you choose or give you advice about the best frames for you or your prescription needs.

  • Do you find it difficult to focus on small print close up? Have you been told that you need glasses for reading or varifocals? Did you know that multifocal contact lenses are an option?

    It’s easy to assume that needing varifocals or reading glasses or struggling with vision close-up always means that you need glasses but many people don’t realise that contact lenses are another option available to you. It doesn’t matter if you already wear contact lenses or have never tried them before, our expert Optometrists and Contact Lens Opticians can help you to get the most out of life without having to wear glasses for all your near vision.

    There are many different types available these days and they are available in monthly and daily disposable options and in the very latest materials which allow you to wear them comfortably all day.

    They can also be used occasionally. So if you want to go glasses free for that office party, but worry about reading the menu, or play sport and want to read your fitness tracker then they are easy to use. And with daily disposable lenses you don’t even have to worry about solutions or cleaning as you just throw them away after use.

    If you would like to find out more or book an appointment to try multifocal contact lenses contact your local branch or click here to request an appointment or call-back online.

  • Do you think that all varifocal lenses are the same? Think again!

    Over the last decade there have been major advances and manufacturers are always looking at new and innovative ways to improve our visual performance when we wear these lenses.

    In the past, some people found it difficult to achieve a good field of vision in the distance, intermediate and reading positions with some lenses. Unfortunately, improving one area was often at the expense of another and even though the best varifocals improved matters, the field of vision was still restricted for some prescriptions.

    Now for the good news!  Rawlings are delighted to offer Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ which is a fully tailor-made varifocal and provides clear, focused vision at all times, and an effortless transition at all distances. It is the world’s first progressive lens to balance different prescriptions for each eye using Binocular Harmonization Technology, and its iD Freeform Technology means that there is no swim/sway effect visually.

    During the dispensing consultation, one of our qualified Dispensing Opticians will take additional measurements for the most accurate results. We will also complete a lifestyle questionnaire with you to ascertain your personal visual needs. Advanced tools and techniques are then used to calculate the optimal lenses for your vision profile from millions of combinations, creating a tailor-made solution which is easy to get used to and is designed specifically for you.

    Ask to speak to one of our Dispensing Opticians in practice to find out how the Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+ lens could improve your life today.

  • Caring for patients in the area for over 25 years, find out more about our Hedge End practice.

    In 2017 we celebrated 25 years in the heart of Hedge End and we have some staff members that have been there ever since we first opened! More recently we have had some lovely new faces join the team in our new Optical Assistants, Melanie and Trish, and the return of the familiar face of our Practice Manager, Sara, who is now back from her maternity leave. Dispensing Opticians, Janet, Joyce and Ira continue to bring their passion and wealth of knowledge alongside our Optometrists, Simon and Kate.  

    The practice offers a professional yet relaxed experience, in a welcoming and stylish environment. There is an extensive range of frames, which we are constantly reviewing, to ensure you have the most up to date styles and offer the latest innovative products in spectacle and contact lens technologies. We are a very family orientated practice that prides itself on a ‘personal shopping’ experience, no matter what your age –  we have no stairs and free parking immediately behind the practice .

    Why not come in and experience it for yourself? Click here to contact us and book an appointment or ask for a call-back if you want to discuss your options. Alternatively drop in and see us at 10 St John’s Centre, Hedge End.

  • Do you experience difficulty driving in low light or at night? EnRoute lenses may be the perfect solution for you.

    Most of us would agree that driving at night can be hard on the eyes. Glare and dazzle from Xenon and HiD headlights can be hazardous, particularly in the winter with the added challenges that poor weather can bring. Add into that the changes in focus needed for different viewing distances and it is no wonder that driving confidence is affected when visual performance is not at its best. A new report from the RAC revealed that in a survey of 2000 motorists, 15% of drivers have been involved in a near miss after being dazzled by the headlights of other vehicles, and 65% of drivers said they are regularly dazzled by oncoming traffic.

    EnRoute lenses have a specially developed  filter which reduces reflections and glare from LED, HiD and Xenon lights, both from oncoming traffic and streetlights, with unimpaired vision in the far distance, dashboard and mirrors. For the more professional/frequent driver, the Enroute Pro has the added benefit of an additional contrast-enhancing filter for improved contrast and colour perception. The reduction in glare and dazzle can make night driving a more pleasant experience.

    Most driving time is spent looking ahead, which requires wide, clear visual fields. However, the eyes also have to shift quickly between different viewing distances with minimal head movements: from the road to the navigation device, from the mirrors to the dashboard. Focusing and refocusing can be especially challenging for older drivers. EnRoute Single Vision and Progressive lenses for driving can offer the visual support that is needed. EnRoute Progressive incorporates Hoya’s renowned technologies: Integrated Double Surface Design for wider visual fields and fast switching between distances; and Balanced View Control for stable image perception in dynamic driving situations.

    For a limited time newsletter readers can benefit from £50 discount on EnRoute driving lenses – just give the code NEWSAW18 when you place your order.

  • This year we introduced Maui Jim sunglasses to more of our branches, we would just like to tell you the six reasons why we love them so much!

    Leading lens technology – all of their lenses have high-efficiency polarisation, PolarisedPlus2 technology, eliminating 99.9% glare and blocking 100% UV rays. They are also incredibly relaxing for your eyes, with a bi-gradient mirror that squints for you and exceptional colour and clarity. The natural light is enhanced instead of dimming it. The lenses also boast scratch resistance, anti-reflective, waterproof and oleophobic treatments.

    Vivid performance – PolarizedPlus2 technology is designed in four colour options, two mirror coatings and five lens materials to enhance your vision in every sunlight condition.

    MauiPassport prescription sunglasses – exclusive digital lens design, with cutting-edge direct surfacing technology, giving the widest possible field of view and incredible visual acuity across the entire lens.

    Over 200 frame styles – a style to suit everyone, even with prescription. They are inspired by the environment in Hawaii and still designed and tested in Maui.

    The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Maui Jim – the only sunglass to be recommended as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding delicate skin.

    Superior customer service – all of their sunglasses are warrantied for two years from the date of purchase against any defect in materials and workmanship. Nosepads and temples are free as long as parts are avaliable.

    Come in and see for yourself the incredible difference that Maui Jim sunglasses make to your vision at our Alresford, Caterham, Chandlers Ford, Hedge End and Winchester branches.