Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2024

  • See the World with Rawlings’ latest Sunglass Collection!

    In the whirlwind of modern life, it's easy to overlook the importance of shielding our eyes from harmful UV rays. But settling for scratched-up shades from yesteryear is not a good idea.

    Small scratches are actually letting UV rays travel through the sunglasses lenses, through the dilated pupil straight to the retina - this could cause more harm than no sunglasses!

    UV damage must be taken seriously - it can lead to serious eye conditions such as cataracts, photokeratitis (sunburn on your eyes), solar retinopathy (sunburn in your eyes), and in the long term even skin cancers around the eyes.

    From the sophisticated designs of GUCCI to the timeless appeal of Saint Laurent, from the chic styles of Chloe to the rugged reliability of Maui Jim, our lineup has something for everyone. And let's not forget the sporty options from Bollé, perfect for any outdoor adventure.

    Even if you rely on prescription lenses, our budget-friendly range has you covered. Whether you need distance, reading, bifocal, or varifocal lenses, we've got just what you need with a choice of tints and optional polarising filters. And here's the best part: every pair in our collection offers 100% UVA and UVB protection, conforming to British and International standards for protection.

    So why settle for ordinary when you can step out in style with our fantastic selection? Swing by your local store today and find the perfect pair to keep your eyes safe and stylish. Your eyes will thank you later!

  • Did You Know? – Children’s Eyecare at Rawlings

    • Eye tests are funded by the NHS for children, up to the age of 19 whilst in education.
    • Children should start visiting the Opticians from the age of 3 but especially before they are 7. The best chance of success for great visual development in both eyes is before the age of 7 when children’s nerve pathways are growing most rapidly.
    • Detecting conditions like "lazy eye" (amblyopia) early on can prevent long-term vision problems and give your child the best chance to thrive.
    • Children will not realise they are not seeing as well as they should. They won’t ask for an eye test!
    • The school screening test is simply a basic vision test, not a full, comprehensive eye examination which includes other tests such as muscle balance and a health check as well as testing vision.
    • Rawlings have a great range of reliable and fun children’s spectacles, including specialised fitting frames for delicate noses and Down Syndrome.
    • Children are great contact lens wearers!
    • We can also help with sports eyewear – eye injuries are alarmingly common and can be prevented with the correct protection.
    • They don’t know the alphabet yet? No worries, we have special equipment for tiny tots and matching shapes and pictures for pre-schoolers.
    • Retinoblastoma is a rare eye cancer in children, let us check for signs!
    • We are experts in Myopia Management – we can help with glasses or contact lens treatments, both available in an easy Direct Debit treatment plan.
    • Selected branches offer Coloured Overlays Assessments – this tests visual stress, helps reduce headaches and reading issues.
    • Together, we can ensure they're seeing the world with clarity and confidence - here's to happy, healthy eyes for your little ones!
    ...and away from eyes, did you know Rawlings have an audiology team who can look at kiddies ears? We can do wax removal for children aged 5 and over.
  • A Year of Hearing Care advancements and the opening of our Lymington Hearing Centre

    Over the past twelve months, exciting changes in our Hearing Care service have unfolded.

    We've successfully introduced audiology clinics across all our branches in both Surrey and Hampshire, and our team has grown with the addition of two dedicated audiologists joining our Lead Audiologist Bill Mills: Jessica Tovey has joined our Surrey branches, and Ryan Blake in Hampshire. Both are now fully integrated into our team, offering comprehensive clinics across all locations. Bill, Jessica and Ryan all offer hearing assessments, hearing aid advice, fitting and adjustments, wax removal for adults and children aged 5 and over, and custom ear plugs.

    As well as expanding our clinics company-wide we have also invested in audiology training for one of our optical team, Emma Perkis. Emma has successfully passed both the theory and practical elements of her course this Spring with flying colours! We are delighted that she will join our audiology team in Hampshire, where she'll focus on wax removal and general hearing care.

    In February 2024, we were pleased to bring Solent Hearing in Lymington into the Rawlings group. Nestled just off the High Street, this purpose-built audiology clinic enhances our commitment to providing exceptional hearing care.

    Due to the success of our hearing services, we are now rolling out dedicated hearing care suites with audiology booths to the majority of our branches and this will continue through 2024.

    This inaugural year has been both bustling and rewarding as we've embarked on this new venture within Rawlings. We've assembled a fantastic team and have been able to seamlessly integrate hearing care into our longstanding optical business, extending our healthcare offering to more of our community than ever before.

  • Help! Richard Rawling is about to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane!

    On Saturday 10th August 2024, our Managing Director, Richard Rawling and his daughter, will be skydiving from 15,000 feet to raise funds for The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT).

    Rawlings has supported CHECT for over 15 years and we are aiming to raise awareness and support for CHECT’s impactful work.

    CHECT are a small UK charity dedicated to helping people affected by retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer. When a child is diagnosed, it can be a distressing and frightening time for everyone, and CHECT are there to help. They understand that for some people retinoblastoma can have a long-term impact and offer lifelong support for anyone affected – from diagnosis to adulthood. CHECT have been helping families for more than 30 years but with no funding from the government.

    We are reaching out to all our patients, customers, clients, and friends for support in the form of a donation towards the fundraising goal of £1000. Your contribution will directly benefit CHECT and help them continue their vital work.

    Donating is quick and easy, through the dedicated JustGiving page at  

    We also have sponsorship forms in all our branches so you can leave a cash donation in our collection boxes. Please don’t forget to complete the gift aid section to ensure that CHECT gain the full amount of your kind donation.

    You can keep updated via our social media and find out how much we have raised. Watch out for our next newsletter where we will have an update and pictures.

    Your generosity, no matter the amount, will make a difference and bring us closer to achieving our goal.

    Thank you again for any kind donation and support you can give.

    If you wish to find more information about the wonderful work CHECT do, please visit

  • Feedback winners

    As an independent business, we don’t have the seemingly bottomless budget that the large ‘multiple’ opticians have for television and radio adverts.

    We prioritise allocating resources towards hiring top-notch staff, continued training and development, and adopting cutting-edge technology over costly advertising endeavours. Consequently, our growth mainly hinges on personal referrals and individual testimonials.

    Since the beginning of the year we have had two winners in our feedback competition. In appreciation of their support for us, everyone who completes a review for our eyecare or hearing care services is entered into our quarterly draw. Mr. Camil from Alresford and Mrs. Darbon from Croydon have both won money back on their purchases. Congratulations to both of them on their well-deserved winnings!

    If you would like to be in the chance of winning back the cost of your glasses, contact lenses of eye care up to the cost of £250, then just spend a few short minutes filling in a review by clicking this link -

    For more chances to win please feel free to review us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram  - @rawlingsoptic

  • Croydon’s oldest opticians has a brand new look

    Rawlings Opticians was founded in Croydon in 1895 and we have been based in this location at 8 High Street since 1900, we are very proud of our shop. The last time our practice had a refurbishment was over 25 years ago, so it was about time for change!

    Our new look is stylish and more modern than before and feels spacious due to the redesign. Patients who have been coming to us for years still can’t believe how different it is and everyone has loved it! Our new colour scheme is calm and classy with a boutique feel. We have a pale mint green theme with copper accents, with our wide range of frames displayed in an array of sleek shelving, and room for our audiology displays too.

    The open afternoon we held to celebrate our grand re-opening was brilliant despite the wet weather that day, with many loyal patients stopping by the practice to have a look around and celebrate with us (while enjoying some lovely cakes made by one of our team, Sam). It really was an afternoon to be proud of.

    Having a lovely new environment to work in has given our team a real boost – how fabulous to come to work in such a fresh and airy place!

    Overall, the refurbishment has really made the Croydon branch brand new again! We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and can’t wait to see what the future holds...