VDU Users

In today’s world, the use of digital screens is virtually universal, with even small children spending some hours each day looking at devices like iPads and smartphones. Luckily Rawlings can provide computer lenses or enhanced office lenses to ensure your vision stays clear and comfortable for any task you do in the office.

Recent research by Bausch and Lomb has shown that screen time has increased by 42% in the last 5 years and many people spend 10 or more hours per day viewing displays, frequently without adequate breaks.

VDU Users

These problems are well recognised and employers are required to comply with legislation laid down in the Health & Safety at Work Acts. Those people who spend most of their working day using VDU screens are designated as VDU users and are covered by the Act. Under the Act an employer must pay the cost of a regular eye examination and if spectacles are required specifically for use at a VDU workstation then these will also be provided at the employer's expense. Most Human Resources or Safety Officers will be familiar with the requirements and will advise you of their arrangements for complying with the legislation.

The size of some portable screens means that text is quite small which can make you hold it closer, increasing the demands on your eyes. Prolonged use has been shown to reduce the amount you blink, which can cause sore gritty eyes.

Digital eye strain has been shown to have a major effect on both visual comfort and productivity and up to 40% of adults and 80% of teenagers may experience significant visual symptoms such as eye strain, fatigue and dry eyes during, and immediately after viewing electronic displays.

Our advice is to rest your eyes regularly by following the 20:20:20:20 rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break, look 20 feet away and blink 20 times.

Additionally, specific types of glasses or contact lenses can significantly help alleviate computer vision problems by making screen viewing more comfortable and reducing eye strain.

Our team will be pleased to advise you on the best lenses for your digital environment so book an appointment to ensure you are using the optimum prescription.