Handling & Hygiene Advice

At Rawlings we are committed to helping you make the most of your contact lenses and realise that you may need some help to learn how to apply and remove your contact lenses.

You will have spent some time with one of our experts in your hygiene and handling appointment. There can be a lot to take in during the appointment and in order to help you with all the details we have some short videos and animations to help remind you of the correct methods. Don’t forget that we are always here to help and if you continue for have difficulties with any aspect of wearing contact lenses please contact your branch and they will be pleased to help you, give you advice, book you a further hygiene and handling appointment or answer any queries you might have. There are different animations to view below depending on the type of lenses you wear.

Additional information is available on the British Contact Lens Association contact lens do’s and don’t page where you can also download factsheets.

60 second advice: handwashing

Wearing contact lenses at festivals

For daily disposables lenses use the following videos:

For Two-Weekly, Monthly, Three Monthly or other replacement schedule please use the following videos;