Enhanced Reading Lenses and Occupational Progressive Lenses

Whilst varifocal lenses are an ideal solution for people who need different prescriptions for distance vision and reading vision, and standard reading lenses are suitable for those who need help for near vision only, there are many people who find that they have limitations.

In particular if you are spending time working on a computer, reading large documents such as plans, maps and similar or enjoying social and leisure pastimes.

In addition there are another group of people such as office workers and those who combine multiple near and mid range tasks such as holding meetings or doing presentations.

For those whose visual tasks are predominantly based around near or intermediate work, standard varifocals, or progressive lenses, may not be the perfect answer and ordinary reading lenses may not give enough depth of vision whilst bifocals will miss the intermediate area altogether.

An example of this problem is a varifocal wearer who does not enjoy sufficient field of vision for near vision or intermediate tasks when they are looking at a computer screen; or a reading glasses wearer who does not have enough depth of vision for the computer screen. This would also apply to many other tasks and activities: typically cooks, decorators, those reading sheet music and those who simply want to play cards or board games who can often be frustrated by the limitations of their lenses.

An easy solution to these problems are Enhanced Reading Glasses. These lenses are a simple and inexpensive alternative to varifocals and offer a big benefit over varifocals and reading glasses. They have a large reading area in the lower portion of the lens and the intermediate prescription in the top part, with no visible line or segment. You can now easily see both close up and at an intermediate distance with no problem.

With Enhanced Reading Lenses the computer users can read their paperwork, see their keyboard and look at their monitor or laptop, card players can easily see what is in their hand and also see what is being laid on the table, and those playing board games will be able to see both sides of the board as well as the faces of their competitors making the experience much more enjoyable.

Where even more depth of vision is required then a vocational progressive lens should be considered. These lenses will allow for a narrow area of distance vision in the very top of the lens, allowing the wearer to see across an office or meeting room, whilst providing a wider area for near and intermediate vision than a traditional varifocal would give.

At Rawlings Opticians we can talk through all of the options and help you to make the right lens selection. N.B It should be noted that these lenses are designed for near vision tasks and are not suitable for driving.

Please contact your local branch of Rawlings Opticians for all the advice that you need on the best lens choices.