Enhanced Reading Lenses and Occupational Progressive Lenses

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So much of our daily lives are dependent on that middle area used for tasks such as computers, card games, DIY, art and cooking.

Whilst varifocal lenses are an ideal solution for a huge range of everyday activities, for those visual tasks that are predominantly based around near or mid-range work, standard varifocals and progressive lenses, may not be the perfect answer.


However, ordinary reading lenses may not give enough depth of vision and bifocals will miss the mid-range area altogether. For example; working on a computer and reading large documents, such as plans or maps, and trying to input that information into the PC can cause an awkward posture with standard lenses and can leave your eyes feeling like they are constantly refocusing and your neck may ache. In addition, office workers or those who use multiple near and mid-range tasks such as holding meetings or doing presentations may also suffer.

An easy solution to these problems are Enhanced Reading Lenses. These lenses are a great alternative to varifocals and offer a big benefit of larger mid-range and near areas and extra range to single vision reading glasses. They have a large reading area in the lower portion of the lens and the mid-range prescription in the top part, with no visible line or segment. You can now easily see both close up and at a mid-range distance with no problem.

Where even more depth of vision is required then an occupational lens should be considered. These lenses will allow for a narrow area of distance vision in the very top of the lens, allowing the wearer to see across an office or meeting room, whilst providing a wider area for close and mid-range vision than a traditional varifocal would give.

Visit your local branch of Rawlings Opticians to find out more, we are always happy to talk through all of the options and help you to make the right lens selection.

N.B It should be noted that these lenses are designed for near vision tasks and are not suitable for driving.