Target Sports

Target sports seem to show the very essence of the importance of vision in sport - how can you hit a distant target, stationary or moving, if you cannot see it properly?

The shooter needs to have a good view of the target, but must also be able to focus accurately upon the sights to align with it. This can become more difficult when near vision becomes more difficult but can be compensated for with the right equipment and prescription.

Some target sports are commonly performed monocularly where visual acuity and accuracy are key, whilst others are a more dynamic discipline, and therefore eye speed and visual tracking are as important factors as visual acuity.

Contrast and light sensitivity are also important issues: glare from overhead lights on an indoor range or from the natural sunlight when shooting outside may be debilitating to sensitive people - equally, those with a reduced contrast sensitivity may be adversely affected by misty/foggy conditions, for instance when clay shooting outside.

target sports eyewear

Shooting glasses in styles similar to aviator sunglasses are always popular, with wire frame and large lenses, giving plenty of protection combined with good field of vision. The eyewear that is designed for shooters, however, goes further than simply providing large lenses.

The temples of shooting glasses often feature sprung hinges that allow a frame to flex without breaking when recoil occurs, and temples frequently feature a curl side to help keep the frame in place.

Nose pads are adjustable so that the frame rests in the optimum position, and softer silicone materials are often preferred for additional comfort. Some shooting glasses feature bridges that adjust to one of several locking positions, so that the frame is positioned just right for any shot.

To check that your vision is as clear as possible whatever your sport - book an eye examination with one of our Optometrists as well as seeing our dispensing team to discuss your sports eyewear requirements.