With products from Bolle specifically designed for golfers, the choice has never been so wide, or so complex so talk to the experts and get independent advice on what is best for you, regardless of your standard.

Just watch the professionals like Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter and you will see them using every available opportunity to get the most from their game. Part of this is their eyewear. No matter what your handicap, clear vision is crucial for golfing success. Grey British skies, sunny weather or changeable conditions, we all play in a variety of conditions and need something to give us perfect vision for all conditions. The specialist Golf lenses are designed for all weather or have interchangeable lenses for different conditions. These need to avoid interfering with your game whilst protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun, the wind and helping to read the nuances of the surface. We all have experience of distorted vision in poor quality sunglasses causing a missed putt or a ball in the rough!

golf eyewear

It is important that the glasses are comfortable as they will be being worn for a number of hours. You must also have the confidence to swing freely without the fear of them slipping down. They should protect the eyes from UV rays, reduce glare and give the player enhanced contrast between the different shades of green on the fairway and green. Our range has been chosen specifically to give a wide range of options for the golfer and most of them can be made to your prescription so you can get perfect vision along with the benefit of the lens technology designed for your sport.

Rawlings stock Bolle amongst others so come in and get a full sports eyewear assessment and we will help you see the difference that the right eyewear can make to your performance.