When you are running there are many things which will affect your visual and physical comfort. It makes no difference what level you are competing, the fit of the frame and the right lens colour are vital.

Whatever your training and preparation is, it quite easy to forget about your eyes. By giving attention to the right eyewear, with the best lens options, you can prevent rapid eye fatigue, boost concentration and reduce the risk of eye injury.

If a frame is causing distraction by constantly slipping, or moving around, then this could mean the difference between winning and losing, or missing out on a personal best performance.

Over exposure to the sun can also be extremely damaging, especially to the eyes; and it is essential to protect the eyes from ultraviolet light if running outdoors. This will also provide protection from dust and debris in the air (or even rain) from coming into direct contact with the eyes. This should be reason enough for any athlete or runner to seek sports sunglasses and we can provide them with the very best advice and product.

running eyewear

If you do a lot of running on roads or concrete then you would benefit enormously from polarised lenses which would eliminate most of the glare from light reflected off these surfaces.

Since running may take place at different times of the day or in various weather conditions, a photochromic lens can also be considered as it would lighten or darken according to the amount of light around at the time.

The big advantage with specialist products is that not only are they a great non-prescription option for the serious athlete we can also have prescription versions athletes who wear glasses.

To check that your vision is as clear as possible whatever your sport - book an eye examination with one of our Optometrists as well as seeing our dispensing team to discuss your sports eyewear requirements.