Hearing Care – Ear Protection/plugs

We offer a full range of hearing protection to help preserve and protect your hearing, and to muffle unwanted sound disturbances.

All our plugs are custom made, to fit your ear canals precisely in order to create an acoustic seal.

All our consultations are conducted by qualified audiologist, registered with HCPC and BSHAA., we will firstly take a mould of your ear (sometimes known as an impression). The plugs are manufactured in approx. 2-3 weeks, and you will return to the branch for a fitting. The mould is taken using a soft silicone substance that is gently applied to your ear canal to get the precision required.

Sleep plugs:

These are designed to reduce ambient noise like snoring partners, noisy neighbours or traffic for a more relaxed sleep.

DIY Plugs:

If you are working around your home be aware of the noise of DIY tools, lawnmowers produce up to 98dB, these plugs will reduce the overall effect on your ears.

Flight Plugs:

Specifically designed to relieve the discomfort associated with air pressure changes during flight. The custom fit aids comfort and still allows the user to hear normal speech through the filter system.

Music Plugs:

For musicians, DJ’s and sound engineers our filtered plugs offer a flat response, by reducing noise at differing frequencies allowing your ears to hear the sounds you need whilst reducing overall load.

Swim Plugs:

A custom pair of plugs for swimming can keep water and bacteria out of your delicate ear canals – especially important for wild swimming in lakes, estuaries, or other natural bodies of water. Without a pair of ear plugs, you're liable to develop Swimmer's Ear, or an infection that comes from the rapid reproduction of bacteria in the warm moist environment of your internal ear apparatus!