Light Reactive Lenses

Lenses that darken on exposure to sunlight as well as blocking UV seemed magical in the 1960’s when they were first introduced – since then the colour changing technology has evolved, reacting at a much faster speed and they are now one of the most popular material choices for spectacle lenses

So why were they made? Many people dread going outside because of the glare and discomfort caused by the sun, resulting in headaches, eye fatigue and visual discomfort. The solution; lenses that adapt to changing light conditions. Outside in bright sunlight they go as dark as sunglasses and inside they are completely clear. Plus, they always block 100% UVA/UVB rays giving you safe, healthy vision, reduced glare and eye fatigue. So from dawn to dusk, where ever you are, your world looks more vivid, vibrant and you never miss a moment.

At Rawlings, we only use the quickest, most effective lenses so you can be assured you are always getting the best. Hoya’s latest innovations in lens technology deliver more than just exceptional comfort, their Sensity photochromics are now the next generation; Sensity Dark and Sensity Shine.

Sensity Dark – These have an enhanced performance over previous Sensity lenses, achieving greater darkness outside and activating behind the car windscreen. The latest technology also ensures the best visual comfort in all climates, seasons and circumstances.  Available in 3 natural colours, green, brown and grey makes sure there is no compromise on contrast or colour perception.

Sensity Shine – These utilise the technology of Sensity Dark, with an additional light mirror coating that is more intense in the light yet subtle indoors, you get an exclusive look with added flair. Each colour also comes with its own matching Shine, Bronze Brown for extra contrast, Silver Grey for intense light conditions and Emerald Green for reducing blue light for heavy digital users.

Sensity lenses are available in a wide range of lenses, in single vision, bifocal and varifocal options.

For a demonstration or more information about Sensity lenses, please visit one of our Dispensing Opticians in your local branch.