Light Reactive Lenses

Rawlings Opticians recommend Sensity lenses from Hoya as the most effective light adapting lenses available today.

Many of our customers find they dislike bright sunlight and glare which causes them discomfort in the sun and prefer lenses which adapt to the ever changing light conditions throughout the day. Go outside in the bright sunlight and they go dark, come inside and they become clear again, continuously filtering the light, reducing glare and eye fatigue.

No matter what light conditions are like, sensity lenses simply adapt and most wearers never notice the change. You will just find your vision feels comfortable all day long, so you see and feel your best, all the time.
They also have the added assurance that they are 100% UV absorbing to the benchmark UV400 standard regardless of whether they are dark or clear. Total protection for your eyes!

Sensity light-reactive lenses:

  • Give you comfortable vision in all light conditions
  • Perform consistently in all climates, seasons and circumstances
  • Darken swiftly to sunglasses outdoors
  • Fade quickly back to full clarity indoors
  • Provide 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B rays
  • Are available in three stylish colours: bronze brown, silver grey and green

Sensity is available in a wide range of plastic lenses, from scratch resistant standard plastic to the latest thin and light high-density designs, and in single vision, bifocal and varifocal options. For the very clearest and most light reactive option, Sensity should have reflection-free coatings which allow them to function at the very peak of their ability.

For fuller information about Sensity lenses and technical details please ask in store.

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