Cricket can be an extremely fast game which means that increasing eye speed, reducing eye fatigue and enhancing eye protection are vital to player performance.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have conducted extensive testing in recent years in an effort to improve the team’s vision in differing light conditions. The research, jointly funded by the ECB, was conducted over a two year period and demonstrated that players could improve their ability to catch the ball by as much as 28 per cent.

Cricket is among the most visually demanding of sports, and the research demonstrated just how vital it was to choose the right tint colour and density. Visual comfort reduces the risk of eye fatigue and greater clarity minimises the risk of players dropping catches or missing run outs.

The importance of UV protection would be reason enough for any cricketer to wear sunglasses, but the opportunity to improve performance by 28 per cent will appeal to any competitive player. A good reason why some players may have chosen not to wear tinted lenses was highlighted in the research where grey lenses, which had traditionally been worn by most players, were found to be too dark, even in bright conditions, and consistently received low scores in the tests.

Prescription lenses are available in specific cricket tints and can be supplied in many designs and Oakley is current choice of many of the professionals. We can also supply them without prescription and our Sunglasses Price Promise gives you the peace of mind that you will be paying a competitive price as well as getting expert advice.

It is also vital to remember that UV is a risk for both spectator and player as it can be the cause of eye cancers and cataract as well as being linked to age related macular-degeneration. Players also benefit from wearing sunspecs because they would provide some protection against impact.

Serious consideration also needs to be given to the fit of the frames and it makes no difference what level you are competing at. If a frame is causing distraction by constantly slipping, or moving around, then this could diminish your performance considerably.

To check that your vision is as clear as possible whatever your sport - book an eye examination with one of our Optometrists as well as seeing our dispensing team to discuss your sports eyewear requirements.