Look Better

Face shape, hair and skin tone, eye colour, style and image – all these factors will be taken into account when our qualified Dispensing Opticians give you a ‘personal shopper’ experience to help you select glasses.

At all practices we also have iPads for accurate measurements and to allow you to comare how you look in different frames. New glasses can completely change your image so have some fun and try on some that are completely different from what you would usually choose – you might be surprised!

What do your glasses say about you?

You may have heard that it takes just seven seconds for someone to form a first impression of you – but actually research in the USA has shown that it takes just a tenth of a second for an impression to be formed simply from looking at someone’s face. And of course if you are a glasses wearer, your glasses form an integral part of how you look. So it is vital to get your choice of frame just right – and that’s where our trained staff at Rawlings can help! We always give a ‘personal shopper’ experience where one of our dispensing team will help you select from hundreds of frames to ensure you get glasses that really make you look your best.

These days many people choose to have more than one pair of glasses to suit their mood, the weather or even the outfit they are wearing that day! At Rawlings if you choose more than one pair you will get 25% discount for any additional pairs (Terms &Conditions apply. Please ask in store).

How about trying contact lenses?

Many people also wear contact lenses for some of the time, often for social occasions or sports where glasses can be restrictive, or simply to change their look. With daily disposable lenses, it’s so easy to switch from glasses to contact lenses or back again whenever you feel like a change.

As independent opticians we have access to lenses from virtually any supplier meaning that nearly all prescriptions can be corrected – nowadays even people with astigmatism and varifocal wearers can be fitted with contact lenses.

Age is no barrier to contact lenses – you don’t need to be a teenager to start wearing them! Often people who take up new sports and hobbies in retirement find that contact lenses can enhance their life.

Children and teenagers can also be fitted with contact lenses even if their prescription is still changing – with disposable lenses this is no problem. The age at which a child can begin to wear lenses should be discussed with the optometrist as it will vary from child to child. Many children start with contact lenses at around the age of 10, however it is often possible to begin at an earlier age especially if there are other confident contact lens wearers in the household.

For information on trying contact lenses, please click here.